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Welcome to Hillbilly Paintball!

Hillbilly Paintball is a full service paintball field and store. We can help you with most of your paintballing needs, from o-rings, full gun packages, to special group rates. We are also a certified fill station for compressed air. We offer woodsball and a woodsball/speedball hybrid playing fields. Our equipment is properly maintained for your paintballing experience. We accept Visa and Mastercards. Come by and see us!


Who plays paintball?


Church Groups
Business Groups

Just about anyone can play paintball! We invite first time players as well as seasoned players out to our fields. As long as you are 10 years old or over, you can play. You do have to sign a waiver form for your protection and ours. If you are under the age of 18, be sure to bring a parent or legal guardian to give you permission to play. Click on the Contact link for our hours and directions to the field.

What we offer

We have three fields you can play on: woodsball, woodsball/speedball hybrid, and sup-air. The woodsball contains trees as well as man-made bunkers. The hybrid incorporates the woodsball field environment but also has sup-air bunkers. The sup-air field is composed of sup-air bunkers. Our refs will be on the field with you while you play. They are there to start the game, make judgement calls, and to enforce the rules on the field.

We have a wide variety of rental equipment. We rent markers, masks, tanks, packs, and chest protectors. We use our field grade paint only which can be bought in various round amounts. We also have paintball equipment for sell, including markers, masks, tanks, hoppers, etc. Come by the shop and take a look around. We will be glad to help you any way we can.


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